ARGonauts Podcast
a year ago

EverymanHYBRID (Part 2)

We're breaking the habit tonight

Join Andrew and Marn as they continue their deep dive into EverymanHYBRID by watching from "In which I assume the role of a 13 year old MySpace girl" to "The Corenthal Connection (Jessie's back)!" Marn picks up some bad habits! Andrew waits patiently for Vince to shave! Both share poetry of varying quality!

Useful Links:

The Orange Groves Network

The YouTube Artifact Twitter

Corenthal Report dated 12-14-1971

Corenthal Report dated 5-11-1971

Corenthal Report dated 11-17-1971

You can watch along with us following This Playlist! For the next episode, we'll be watching from "Interview with the Hybrids" to ":D." We'll be talking as we watch over in our Discord!


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